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Save the date: 14-15 July GHNGN Annual Conference

Working in the Global Health field is amazing as it offers chances to improve the lives of millions. However, as many student graduating from Global Health and Public Health education programs claim, their career path is challenging. There is a diverse number of occupations falling under the umbrella of Global Health and its vast possibilities all over the world, but how to enter the Global Health field?

As a young professional working in Global Health, you might be facing the challenges of how to build your career path in this field. There is a diverse number of possibilities all over the world, but where to start from and how? How to develop the right tools to start building my career path? How to attract future employees with my CV and how to success in an interview?

At the Global Health Next Generation Network (GHNGN), we engage and mobilize the community of emerging Global Health professionals from different cultures and backgrounds to exchange expertise, skills and opportunities. Our core mission is to help each other in the transition from academic to professional career in Global Health, to initiate and foster dialogue on Global Health education and to support engagement of young professionals in Global Health initiatives and projects worldwide. Since 2014, our annual conferences focus on the contemporary challenges students and young professionals of Global Health face in their everyday life.

At the GHNGN, we would like to invite you for our 4th annual conference in Barcelona on 14-15 July 2017, entitled ‘Passionate about Global Health - What’s next?’. The conference will focus on career steps for Global Health students and young professionals. This year’s conference will give you the opportunity to learn from professionals on how to build your career path in Global Health and to explore the diverse occupations and career paths that can come from a Global Health or Public Health degree.

If you are building your career path in the field, this conference is meant for you. The two-day conference offers you a great chance to meet with Global Health professionals, learn their key to success and hear their experiences. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to join fascinating plenary sessions where Global Health professionals share their career stories, get inspired by keynote speakers and join workshop sessions that will help you to boost your CV and give you the best tips to be successful in job interviews. In addition, the conference is a great opportunity to present your project or thesis. By submitting your project abstract you are one step closer to present your project to the perfect target audience.

I participated as a speaker in last year's conference, presenting my final master thesis and it was a great experience because it allowed me to discuss my results with experts and meet students from all over the word with the same interests as I have. Therefore, I decided to help to organise this year's conference!” (2016 conference participant)

The conference will be a great chance to meet with other Global Health enthusiastic and young professionals. This is your opportunity to network and meet people who share the same interest.

I consider the conferences really helpful! They helped me to increase my network and it was a great opportunity to meet young people with the same interests, also looking for their way in Global Health” (2016 conference participant)

By that time, I had just started to build my path in Global Health, so the conference offered a new and fresh perspective of what this field can offer to a young professional. The conference offers a chance to meet not only young professionals and students but also experts and senior GH professionals, and more importantly, people who you can share interests and experiences with.” (2016 conference participant)

The conference is a fantastic opportunity for anyone passionate about Global Health, at any state of studies or career, to meet with other early career professionals and exchange ideas.

I have never attended the conference before but I'm really looking forward to meet and exchange ideas with young Global Health professionals” (2017 registered conference participant)

So, what’s next? Save the date (14-15 July 2017), stay tuned following our Facebook and Twitter using #ghnetwork and find the agenda of this year’s conference here. Buy your ticket today!

Take the first step in your career path by joining the conference!

Please see the pictures of the 2016 conference below

See you in Barcelona,

Global Health Next Generation Network Team



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