Want to be a SYP (Mentee)?

The 2021 SYP applications are closed

Thank you to the 470 applicants!
We are assessing your applications and will get back in touch in the coming month 

What does it mean to be an SYP?


  • An opportunity to boost your global health career by networking with experienced senior colleagues and peers within and beyond your fields of interest.

  • Learn from seniors and leaders in the field about current global health issues and events that may be of interest to you.

  • Get career advice from mentors who have been in your position before and know about starting a career in global health.

  • Develop partnerships with global health experts to help further their interests and develop the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market.

  • Discovery opportunity to start new global health projects and interventions.

  • The more you contribute the more you will gain; we offer you a 5-month platform for establishing research groups, project teams and innovative interventions.

Why should I join as an SYP?


In GHMe, we refer to students and young professionals as SYPs. You could also be someone who is looking to change your career path within Global Health and needs to figure out "where to start." During the matching process, the GHMe team utilizes a unique matching algorithm to ensure that SYPs are matched with mentors according to their interests, mentoring goals, personality types, etc. This algorithm has been refined based on input from past GHMe program cycles, and is based on the latest research in the mentorship field. With this method, we work to find our SYPs, the most suitable mentor according to their profile. 


What is expected of me as an SYP?

  • Be interested in the global health field.

  • Engage the SYP-Mentor-group in productive conversation.

  • Attend meetings with the team in a timely fashion. Anticipate your time constraints when scheduling meetings.

  • Provide feedback to the GHMe team.

  • Create a positive and encouraging atmosphere in your SYP-mentor group.


What do we look for in SYP applications?


The Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) that we accept in the GHMe program come from diverse backgrounds with unique experiences and knowledge within the field of global health. Each year we receive over a hundred applications, and due to our group-based model, we are only able to support a selected number of applicants.


While applying, please remember that this program is top-rated and utilizes a unique matching algorithm. Therefore, In order to match you properly, and assess your application, the team needs to understand your knowledge and background in the field, so please be focused, comprehensive, concise and realistic in your answers – for example, rather than just stating you conducted “volunteer work in Ghana,” please provide specifics about your role and accomplishments.


We would love to hear about the amazing things each SYP candidate has done in the past, and we very much appreciate the time you put into your application to find the most suitable mentor for you.

You can read testimonials from our past SYPs here