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GHMe is run by a group of committed students and young professionals (SYPs) who volunteer their time to create a meaningful and free program to SYPs located all over the world!
We want to remain committed to providing the mentoring program free of charge, so we are dependent on donations from generous individuals such as yourself. Therefore, any contribution helps, even just as little as 5 euros. Your donation will help us: 
  1. Purchase international communication platform services to connect the SYPs and Mentors seamlessly
  2. Cover our IT costs (e.g. website, email addresses, design and engagement tools, etc.). 
  3. Provide an online platform for the SYPs and Mentors to connect, and to support a local meet up of SYPs and Mentors.
  4. Facilitate potential meetups for our geographically dispersed SYPs and Mentors. 
  5. Your donations will also help us achieve the aim of providing a small monthly stipend to the GHMe team members. Our volunteers to deliver and facilitate our high-quality mentoring service for Students and Young Professionals all over the world! In order to be sustainable, these incredible individuals need financial support themselves. 
If you have any questions on how your donation is used feel free to reach out to us at
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