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Want to be a Mentor?

Applications are now closed
Dear Applicants, the team has unanimously resolved to commence the mentorship program in January 2024. Selected participants will be contacted. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Happy holidays!

What does it mean to be a Mentor?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
- Benjamin Franklin


By becoming a GHMe certified Mentor, you will:

  • Advise a group of 2-4 students and young professionals (SYPs) through a 5-month facilitated mentorship program

  • Engage in a professional relationship with global health practitioners across the globe

  • Participate in an exchange of new ideas and fresh viewpoints within your group and across the GHMe program

  • Have an opportunity to recruit young talented interns or employees, whom you can train for specific opportunities

  • You can gain fresh vision, ideas and alternative solutions to global health challenges from students and young professionals. 

  • A chance to getting to know about opportunities, events and projects that exist in the global health space

  • The more you contribute, the more you will gain — we offer you a monthly platform for initiating research groups, project teams and innovative interventions with younger colleagues and peers

  • Create a positive and lasting contribution in your SYPs lives

  • Guide and shape the next generation of global health leaders

Why should I join as a Mentor?

​​In GHMe, we refer to mentors as more experienced or established global health experts, we look for someone who:

  • Is a global health professional with at least 5 years of work experience 

  • Is qualified and knowledgeable in your field of expertise and academic specialties

  • Is an active listener and you are a good communicator

  • Is comfortable working with students and young professionals from different cultural contexts and disciplines

  • Can commit to mentoring a group of 2-3 SYPs for at least 15 hours a month from November 2023 - March 2024

  • Has excellent time management skills and you anticipate your time constraints when scheduling meetings with your SYPs

  • Can participate in GHMe's online mentor training programme from August - September (2 virtual training sessions and independent readings)

  • Can use the GHMe monthly modules to create an organic and supportive atmosphere in your SYP group and be available to answer their questions and concerns

  • Can take ownership of your mentoring process by inputting your own personality and mentoring style

How do I apply to be a Mentor? 

We recruit Mentors on an annual basis for our 5-month mentoring programs (Mixed-gender and the Women Mentoring Women programs). When applications open, you will find a link to the Google Form on this page. We will ask you to take a 16 personality test, to fill in some personal details and write a motivation statement about why you want to be a mentor. If you're shortlisted based on your written application, we will invite you to a brief interview. If you have been a GHMe Mentor in the past, then you will not need to fill in the application again, but only select "Returning Mentor" to express an interest in joining our program again.  

What do we look for in Mentor applications?

Mentors are asked to fill in an application form to help the GHMe team to understand their interests and to match them to the interested SYPs. We hope you will outline your experiences in both global health and mentorship. We expect that as a mentor, you aspire to provide guidance, advice, and facilitate career development for your SYP group during the program and hope that in turn, the SYPs can offer you a new perspective on your field and reinvigorate your passion for global health. 

This program could not exist without the valuable input from Mentors like you, so we welcome your applications and cannot wait to work with you! 

How will I be matched with mentees?

In GHMe, we know that a successful mentoring relationship is a two-way road. To ensure the best match for you and your mentees, GHMe team utilizes a unique matching algorithm that considers different weighted factors, including: 

  1. Professional interests (global health focus area) 

  2. Goals for the mentoring relationship

  3. You and the SYPs' skills and qualifications

  4. The geographical location (e.g. time zone)

  5. Working language proficiencies 

  6. Personality traits 

Our matching algorithm has been refined based on 6 years of experience successfully matching mentors with SYPs, as well as the latest research in the mentorship field. With this method, we strive to find the most suitable SYPs for our Mentors. 

You can read past Mentor testimonials here

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