Want to be a Mentor?

We have selected our 2020 Mentors!

You can see their profiles here

The expected start date of the 2020 Mentoring program is 05 October 2020

If you're interested in being a mentor, we will be opening the application again in the spring of 2021

What does it mean to be a Mentor?


  • The opportunity to guide and shape the next generation of global health professionals.

  • The opportunity to give back to the global health community that you are part of.

  • Engage in a professional relationship with global health practitioners across the globe.

  • Participate in an exchange of new ideas and fresh viewpoints in global health.

  • Recruit young talented volunteers/interns/employees that you can personally train for specific opportunities.

  • You can gain fresh vision, ideas and alternative solutions to global health challenges from students and young professionals. 

  • A chance to getting to know about opportunities, events and projects that exist in the global health space.

  • The more you contribute, the more you will gain; we offer you a monthly platform for initiating research groups, project teams and innovative interventions with younger colleagues and peers.


Why should I join as a Mentor?


In GHMe, we refer to mentors as more experienced/senior global health experts. During the matching process, the GHMe team utilizes a unique matching algorithm to ensure that SYPs are matched with mentors according to their interests, mentoring goals, personality types, etc. This algorithm has been refined based on input from past GHMe program cycles, and is based on the latest research in the mentorship field. With this method, we work to find our Mentors the most suitable SYPs according to their profile. 


What do we expect from you as a Mentor
  • Be qualified and knowledgeable in your field of expertise and academic specialities.

  • Engage your SYP group in productive conversations.

  • Have the ability to maintain excellent time management skills to follow the 5-month program accordingly. Anticipate your time constraints when scheduling meetings with your SYPs. 

  • Participate in 2 evaluation surveys to improve the program with the GHMe team.

  • Create an organic and supportive atmosphere in your SYP group and be available to answer their questions and needs.

  • Take ownership of your mentoring process by inputting your own personality and mentoring style. 


What do we look for in Mentor applications?

Mentors are asked to fill in an application form to help the GHMe team to understand their interests and to match them to an interested SYP. We hope you will outline your experiences in both global health and mentorship. We expect that as a mentor, you strive to provide guidance, advice, and facilitate career development for your SYP during the program and hope that in turn, the SYP can offer you a new perspective on your field and reinvigorate your passion for global health. 

This program could not exist without the valuable input from Mentors, so we welcome your applications and cannot wait to work with you. 

You can check out our past Mentors and read their testimonials here

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