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Women Mentoring Women Program

Women and Mentorship

Studies have found that besides the lack of childcare facilities and support for mothers with dependents, most women struggle to climb the corporate ladder due to a lack of suitable mentors and networks. Furthermore, a man's ability to be an effective mentor to women depends significantly on how they understand women's challenges disproportionately when managing their careers. As stated in a study by Margaret Linehan and Hugh Scullion, "Female managers can miss out on global appointments because they lack mentors, role models, sponsorship, or access to appropriate networks – all of which are commonly available to their male counterparts(1)."

The GHMe Campaign

The benefits of fellowships, mentorship and professional development programs should be redirected towards women, with women supporting women to grow a network of former mentees to become mentors for others (2). To initiate this network-building process and support the professional development of women in global health, GHMe is launching the Women Mentoring Women (WMW) campaign. This campaign will be executed in parallel to GHMe's annual mentoring program. The model will focus on matching female SYPs with female leaders in global health, utilizing GHMe's unique matching algorithm. These groups will participate in the five-month facilitated GHMe mentoring program. To support this program, the standard GHMe monthly modules, at the heart of GHMe's mentoring program, will be tailored to address challenges women face in the professional world. 

Campaign Partners

Our technical and advising partner is Women in Global Health — Finland chapter and the Women in Global Health — India chapter. 

Join the Campaign

The campaign participants have been selected. You can see the Mentor profiles here


  1. The Challenge of Women’s Access to Mentorship - 

  2. Women Should Lift Other Women Up the Leadership Ladder  

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