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It's time to get started (again)

It is time to kick-off Global Health Me in its second year! We are proud to announce that 1st of August until 31st of December 2016 Global Health Mentorships will run its second cycle. We have been overwhelmed with the number of applications we have received and far more positive feedback than we anticipated. The registrations opened on the 28/04/2016 and after a recruitment period of three months we are happy to announce that the number of applications exceeded our expectations and hopes by far. Until the 01/07/2017 we have received 132 Mentor and 181 SYP applications. Of these applicants we selected 42 mentors and 111 SYP’s. The selection process was not easy but we try to manage to match the SYPs and Mentors to very varied, multinational, and strong educational groups. Due to the unexpected high number of mentor applications we have decided to introduce co mentors to some of the groups to introduce a new feature to the program. The team has worked extremely hard to make sure everything is ready as from today! We hope you will enjoy Global Health Me! Did you know? • That we officially registered in Sweden on the 12.07.2016, hence we can proudly refer to GHMe as a registered organisation. • That we closed a deal with Learningstone, a private online learning and collaboration environment for our mentors and SYPs thanks to our sponsor: Rotary Club of Ryde. We are happy to announce that with this partnering, we provide our participants with an online platform to talk and share documents privately. • We also have a facebook page and twitter account where you can stay posted on updates and leave questions. We will keep you post(it) ;) : for further news on GHMe. Best, GHMe Team

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