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GHMe at the Global Brigades Central Canada Student Leadership Conference

GHMe participated in the first Student Leadership Conference (SLC) organized by the University of Toronto Global Brigades chapter January 8-10th, 2016. The conference brought together other chapters across Canada to learn from each other and share updates about what is happening within Global Brigades and to plan the year ahead. It was also a great opportunity to discuss important global health issues as they pertain to philanthropic work. Through the conference we engaged in conversations about best practices, educating and engaging volunteers and reflection and critical thinking.

Global Brigades is an organization that mobilizes students and professionals to participate in skill based brigades in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Ghana. The brigades go on 1-3 week assignments in the field, supporting programs (medical/dental, engineering, microfinance, public health). There are various chapters throughout the world. To find out more about Global Brigades, getting involved and starting your own chapter go to


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