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It's time for a kick-off

Time to kick-off Global Health Me! From the 1st of August until 31st of December 2015 Global Health Mentorships will run its pilot cycle. We are happy that we have received so much positive responses. After a recruitment period of three months we are happy to announce that we had more applications for the program than we ever hoped for. Almost 100 candidates applied to become an SYP and almost 30 professionals applied to become a mentor. The people who applied come from all over the world, more than 22 countries (!), with the vast majority of SYPs applicants currently based in Sweden and The Netherlands. Of these applications we selected 28 Mentors and 83 SYPs. The selection process was a tough cookie, but we managed to match the SYPs and Mentors to very varied groups. The team has worked extremely hard to make sure everything is ready as from today! We hope you will enjoy Global Health Me!

Did you know?

  • That the team who put together this program works from five different countries? We use google hangouts for meetings and working together and we are efficient at it! Check who is in our team here.

  • That we identified three different levels of mentors and SYPs based on their level of experience?

  • We used an enormous amounts of post-its for during the matching process? We had to use the floor to make the groups.

  • That we have a LinkedIn group to increase communication between SYPs and Mentors? You can use this group for questions and conversations with one another. We are hoping to get some nice synergies started, so please join here!

  • That we will be introducing a new informal networking concept soon called “Global Health Hangouts”? The first one will take place in Amsterdam mid-August. We will post more information about this soon on the Facebook page of GHNGN!

  • We also have a twitter account where you can stay posted on updates and leave questions? follow us @GHmentorships.

We will keep you post(it) ;-) for further news on GHMe.


GHMe Team

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