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2016 SYP Testimonial

Katharina Berecz, Germany

Internationality is my identity. It is not where you are coming from what makes you who you are but your way and where are you heading. When people are asking me where I am from, I would like to answer them this - to avoid putting me in a box of stereotypes of a country or region. I used to grow up in 3 different countries and collected work experience from 6 countries, in 5 different languages. I studied in 4 different Universities and absolved 3 Erasmus Programs, However, this was not enough for me - I was searching for a challenge, which would be as international as me and would help me to bridge the period between being a student and a young professional. And then I found GHMe – a unique opportunity matching all this.

The fresh graduates are suddenly alone in the real world and there is no professor or a colleague yet to help. I was very excited to get a mentor through this program - to have somebody who is handing his/her wisdom and experience over on us – career beginners, which are thirsty for any good advice for the professional life.

Now, in the end of the program, I have to say that my experience exceeded my expectations and I feel more prepared and confident for a career in global health. I can definitely recommend it to anyone, who is honestly interested. The modules were challenging and covered a lot of topics. I am very grateful to the program developers for their time and energy invested in creating this outstanding program.


The ContactMe person was always ready to help and answer our questions. My mentor was very collaborative. She gave us a lot of valuable information about work in global health and research. I met one of my group members in person during a conference and we became good friends. We are even thinking of starting a project together.


My motivation was as high in the beginning of the program as in the end. I liked it so much, that I consider continuing the program on another position and share my ideas. I believe this program has a big potential! 

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