Meet our new team member: Denise Ferris

From June 12 onwards, Denise Ferris will join our team as the new funding coordinator. Denise has lived abroad for the past 4 years in East Africa, working as a Research Fellow for BRAC. She is managing adolescent and community health evaluations and research projects, with a personal interest in social epidemiology. She graduated with a Masters of Arts in Integrated studies and is working on a second MSc degree in Epidemiology with LSHTM. She also is an academic tutor with Peoples’ Uni, an online low-cost MPH aimed at strengthening public health knowledge and capacity of citizens from developing countries.

Why did she decided to join GHMe?

She joined GHMe as she personally believe there is a need for collaboration amongst trainees and experienced practitioners. Connecting experienced individuals with recent graduates and interested individuals helps transfer skills. The GHMe offers an opportunity for individuals from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to interact; something she ishopeful that can eventually, overtime, decrease the global north-south divide. Facilitating involvement of students (and recent graduates) from developing countries, we are one step closer to making global health truly global.

Once again, welcome to the team, Danielle.

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