SYPs at the SNIH annual conference

On Friday and Saturday 20-21 November 2015, the 2nd annual conference of The Swedish Network for International Health (SNIH) was held at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Here I met a few people from the GHMe program. Some first time meetings and some I had the pleasure of meeting for the second time. As a SYP in global health, the conference was a great opportunity to meet people, network and have interesting discussions, for example about whether it is possible to achieve health equity. In fact, this was also the theme of the conference, ‘health equity in an unequal world’. GHMe represented at SNIH 2nd annual conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Left to right: Silvia Segovia Chacón (G

GHMe at the Canadian Conference on Global Health

GHMe participated in the 22nd Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH) from 6th- 7th of November in Montreal, Quebec. CCGH took place at the Bonaventure Hotel over the span of 3 days with over 100 delegates from LMICs, 170 students, and experts from Canada and abroad. The focus this year was on Capacity Building for Global Health: Research and Practice. The plenaries and various other sessions discussed the importance of maximizing the impact of foreign aid by designing sustainable programs with increased local partnerships. The role of trust and power was emphasized in building and maintaining these partnerships. Multiple training sessions were organized throughout the conference; design

Meeting my mentor

One of our SYPs, Penelope Hill from Australia met her Mentor for the first time and told us about her experience. "I have recently had the fantastic opportunity of meeting my mentor, Anke van Dam, in person at the Harm Reduction International Conference 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Throughout the mentor process so far, Anke has provided me with invaluable advice on furthering my career in global health in the specific field of harm reduction. With Anke’s encouragement, I registered to attend the conference in Malaysia, and could not have benefitted more from the experience – I had the chance to meet my mentor in person, chat to her about relevant issues present at the conference, and she

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